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Family Law

Our attorneys and legal support staff have extensive experience in a broad array of family law areas, including divorce and marriage dissolution, child custody, child and spousal support, paternity, and complex financial and property division matters.

We empathize with and understand the sensitive and all too often awkward circumstances that necessitate a divorce; the breakdown of a family is difficult and painful for everyone involved. Even when there is no formal marriage, but a father and mother struggle to determine decision making and parenting time for their child, things can get heated. In fact, even simple decisions can become seemingly unresolvable. The Bagley Law Firm, LLC is adept at calming the waters and finding the right solution for you and your family.

In addition to the emotional aspects of a family's dissolution, there are many important legal and financial issues to consider. As such, we take the time to listen and provide an objective assessment of your unique situation, providing each client with aggressive and extensive advice based on our expertise having represented thousands of clients. Simply put, our attorneys understand the law, know the pitfalls, and will support and guide you through the legal process in a manner that results in the best outcome possible.

Getting a divorce or legal separation is an important – and oftentimes unfortunate – milestone. In fact, if started or performed incorrectly, a divorce or legal separation can have devastating consequences on your children and finances. There are a myriad of decisions that need to be made, starting from the moment you decide that you want to seek a divorce or legal separation (or the moment you realize that a court’s intervention is necessary to overcome parenting time and decision making disputes). These decisions can impact the cost of your divorce or child custody case, the amount of money you and your family ultimately have left after your legal dispute has been resolved, and the overall mental and emotional well being of your family.

Lastly, before you start thinking about a divorce, decide if you want one. All too often, clients walk into our offices thinking that their partner wants a divorce, and that is the primary reason for wanting one themselves. Well, sometimes people say stupid things and stress temporarily. Do not seek a divorce when therapy, an apology, or time to heal is an actual solution to your situation. We like to ask, “Do you know what you get if you ask for a divorce?” The answer is, “A divorce!” While we believe there is no better firm equipped to deal with your divorce, legal separation, child custody, or child support issues, we also believe that one shouldn’t file for a divorce unless a divorce is wanted. Because once threatened – or even mentioned – the divorce process is a difficult process to stop; pride, attorneys, stress, and the negative emotions of hurt and betrayal make reconciliation nearly impossible.

If you have decided that you want a divorce or legal separation, or in the event you find yourself unable to come to terms with the other parent of your child, then give us a call. Let the family law attorneys of the Bagley Law Firm, LLC zealously protect your family and finances.

Client Reviews
I give the Bagley Law Firm a 5 STAR review. My divorce was extremely difficult and they gave the support I needed. Christopher M.
I highly recommend the Bagley Law Firm! Years ago I came here for help with my business and worked with Brian Bagley. I was impressed by the compassion, professionalism, and aid I received from Mr. Bagley and his excellent staff, so when my life took a devastating turn I knew which firm to go to for help. Jessica D.
Great and professional firm Charles & Jackie are awesome I highly recommend this firm. Henry C.
I highly recommend the Bagley Law Firm. Thank you - all of the staff was very helpful and my Attorney knew what he was doing. Thank you Brian Bagley. Ruth H.
Awesome experience - had to call just now on behalf of someone close to me. Tim took the time to chat with me and that's rare for an attorney to do that. He seemed very knowledgeable and patient on the phone. Would definitely recommend. Susan S.