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Personal Injury

At the Bagley Law Firm, LLC, we help the victims of personal injury accidents get justice. If you’ve been injured due to the negligence of someone else our Lakewood personal injury lawyers can help. Call us today at (720) 815-4824 to get a consultation.

Our experienced litigation Lakewood personal injury lawyers can help you, regardless of how, or when, your accident happened. To put it plainly, when dealing with insurance companies, you are outgunned. With our Lakewood personal injury lawyers as your advocates, you will have the best legal representation available. Please reach out to us today and let us get started in helping you on your way to physical and financial recovery.

When selecting a Lakewood personal injury attorney it is important to find a lawyer that is experienced, one that has a good track record. For instance, the Bagley Law Firm, LLC belongs to a very exclusive club, having recovered millions of dollars for individual clients. Very few personal injury attorneys, or attorneys of any type, can make such a statement.

It would be a mistake to select the first Lakewood personal injury attorney you see. Many select a personal injury attorney based on a television advertisement, or client testimonials that imply less than likely results. Each case is different. Each client and his or her needs are different. The value of your personal injury case is dependent upon the amount of medical bills you have accrued (and likely will accrue), economic damages such as lost wages (both past and future), physical impairment and disfigurement, and pain and suffering. The willingness and ability to spend advertising dollars does not equate into an effective personal injury legal advocate. Do not make that mistake. Call the Lakewood personal injury attorneys of the Bagley Law Firm, LLC and let us help you find a fair and just resolution to your personal injury claims.

It is helpful to understand that there is rarely a fast resolution in a personal injury case that is beneficial to the client. The statute of limitations (i.e., the time you have to file your legal complaint) is three years. During this time, it is often stressful and painful as a personal injury accident victim seeks medical attention and fights to recover from his or her injuries. It is important that one not settle too soon or litigate too early.

Many personal injury attorneys make the mistake of rushing a case’s resolution by taking the early settlement or “easy money.” This can lead to an initial influx of cash for the client but can leave the client in a bad position when subsequent medical bills come due later on. It is important that your Lakewood personal injury attorney have the capability and experience to assess the entirety of your medical and legal situation, assuring that you maximize your recovery so that you and your family’s future is protected. We believe in leaving no stone unturned, no dollar left on the table.

Our Lakewood personal injury lawyers never charge a fee unless we’re able to win your case. There are no upfront fees, and our staff is available 24/7. If you’ve been severely injured, our personal injury lawyers can even come to you at your place of business, your home, or even the hospital.

The Lakewood personal injury attorneys have helped hundreds of personal injury clients collect millions of dollars in well deserved monetary damages. We can help you, too.

Client Reviews
I give the Bagley Law Firm a 5 STAR review. My divorce was extremely difficult and they gave the support I needed. Christopher M.
I highly recommend the Bagley Law Firm! Years ago I came here for help with my business and worked with Brian Bagley. I was impressed by the compassion, professionalism, and aid I received from Mr. Bagley and his excellent staff, so when my life took a devastating turn I knew which firm to go to for help. Jessica D.
Great and professional firm Charles & Jackie are awesome I highly recommend this firm. Henry C.
I highly recommend the Bagley Law Firm. Thank you - all of the staff was very helpful and my Attorney knew what he was doing. Thank you Brian Bagley. Ruth H.
Awesome experience - had to call just now on behalf of someone close to me. Tim took the time to chat with me and that's rare for an attorney to do that. He seemed very knowledgeable and patient on the phone. Would definitely recommend. Susan S.