Automobile Accidents

No one wakes up expecting that one day will change their life forever. Nevertheless, this occurrence happens daily throughout the streets and highways of Colorado. With Colorado’s strong brew pub presence, legality of marijuana, and its drivers’ propensity to drive while being distracted by phones, mobile apps, radios, navigation systems, food, and the like, Colorado’s roadways are becoming more and more dangerous by the day.

Our Lakewood car accident lawyers understand the many complications involved in litigating and winning car accident personal injury cases. Unfortunately, Colorado is among the most difficult of states to win a significant car accident settlement. First, Colorado’s wrongful death recovery is capped in car accident litigation, as is the amount one can recover for “pain and suffering.”

In addition to dealing with some of the most restrictive tort laws in the nation, insurance companies in car accident cases vehemently defend their positions, oftentimes refusing to pay what is fair until being forced to do so by an experienced Lakewood car accident lawyer such as those found at the Bagley Law Firm, LLC. The harsh reality is that car accident insurance companies know what they can get away with; before paying, insurance companies factor in the county in which the car accident litigation is being prosecuted, the income of the injured party, and the ability (i.e., track record) of the Lakewood car accident lawyer (often based on the winning track record of the car accident lawyer).

When litigating a car accident, a Lakewood car accident lawyer must show two things: liability and damages. Liability simply refers to who is at fault in a car accident. In Colorado, if your Lakewood car accident lawyer can show that the other driver was ticketed, it is likely that negligence is inferred. However, just because there is fault, this does not explicitly mean that a high dollar recovery is likely. The amount of recovery for a car accident also depends on the damages incurred.

In Lakewood, car accident lawyers should look at all economic damages; damages such as medical bills, lost wages, or loss of future wages. Disfigurement, physical impairment, and even scarring also qualify as economic damages. And, while pain and suffering are capped, pain and suffering can still be maximized by using a top rated Lakewood car accident lawyer.

Oftentimes, high volume car accident attorneys advertise on television. As a result, they are inundated with car accident cases and overlook the details of a car accident case, thus failing to maximize the client’s recovery. The Lakewood car accident lawyers of the Bagley Law Firm, LLC have the discipline to work the case until completion, no matter how long it takes. More importantly, we are not dealing with an insurmountable mountain of car accident cases as we attempt to maximize our firm’s revenues by half heartedly churning out less than significant settlement numbers with the insurance companies. We give every car accident case our maximum effort, and the attention it deserves. Saying this is not just a catch phrase for our Lakewood car accident lawyers.

The Bagley Law Firm, LLC and our Lakewood car accident lawyers take the time necessary to listen to our clients, investigate the facts, understand the details, plan a strategy, and prosecute a car accident case that is likely to result in the best outcome possible. Call us today at (720) 815-4824 to make an appointment with one of our confident, competent Lakewood car accident lawyers. We can help.

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