So, you are a good person who just happened to make a mistake. Unlike most of us who make a mistake, however, you were reported (or caught) by the police for a misdemeanor crime. Now, you worry that you will not be treated fairly and are facing a criminal justice system that has little patience or forgiveness, even for smaller crimes like misdemeanors. Or, perhaps you really are innocent and now worry that the system will fail you. The system’s failure may result in your conviction and you are now in danger of being found guilty for having committed a crime that you did not commit!

All of these thoughts and fears are quite normal. They are normal because guilty and even innocent people are accused and convicted of misdemeanors every day. Even for misdemeanors, harsh punishments are handed out by judges, encouraged by over zealous prosecutors who find solace and job security in seeking out and prosecuting people, literally, for their worst moments.

First, take a deep breath. Understand that you are not alone. Most people accused of committing a misdemeanor crime are good people who just happened to make a poor, momentary, decision. The Lakewood misdemeanor criminal defense lawyers of the Bagley Law Firm, LLC understand and have a great deal of empathy for our clients. We believe that one or even a few bad “misdemeanor” moments should not define a person’s character or determine his or her future.

The Bagley Law Firm, LLC and its Lakewood misdemeanor criminal defense lawyers represent clients who face misdemeanor criminal charges. However, no matter who you hire, the most important factor is making certain that your Lakewood misdemeanor criminal defense lawyer is experienced in advocating for his or her clients. The consequences of being arrested (and, ultimately, convicted) are directly tied to the skill level of the Lakewood misdemeanor criminal defense lawyer representing you in the courtroom. All too often, similarly situated defendants, or those facing the same accusation, receive drastically heavier punishments, all as a result of the defense attorney having possessed diminished legal skills.

There should be no doubt that when you hire the Lakewood misdemeanor criminal defense lawyers of the Bagley Law Firm, LLC, you are hiring skilled advocates, advocates recognized as being among the best Lakewood misdemeanor criminal defense lawyers in Colorado. Our Lakewood misdemeanor criminal defense lawyers have represented thousands of clients, all of whom were facing misdemeanor and felony accusations.

The charges our Lakewood misdemeanor criminal defense lawyers have defended run the gambit, including seemingly smaller cases involving traffic tickets, shoplifting, vandalism, or theft. Our Lakewood misdemeanor criminal defense lawyers are often sought after, as our first rate reputation is known throughout Colorado for our successful representation of misdemeanor criminal clients who have been accused of crimes such as: assault, domestic violence, sex crimes, child abuse, theft, shoplifting, trespassing, driving under the influence (i.e., DUI), drug possession, minor in possession of alcohol, and many others.

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I had an excellent experience with Bagley Law Firm in the past. My neighbor recommended that firm. I had a consultation with one of the highly qualified attorneys and was very pleased with provided detailed information. I would recommend this firm to anyone and will give 5 star rating!!!

- Anna B.

The great lawyer for a criminal case or traffic offense. I would highly recommend him. He will provide a great defense.Because i that provide ..I will always rent your law service.Most welcome.

- Ben M.

I give the Bagley Law Firm a 5 STAR review. My divorce was extremely difficult and they gave the support I needed.

- Christopher M.

I have had an on going case with my divorce and it hasn’t been easy. The Bagley Law Firm had been able to work with me not only on logistics but with the costs as well. Thank you Bagley Law Firm!

- Donna T.

The Bagley Law Firm is an excellent practice that provides amazing service. My experience with their staff and personnel has been nothing short of 5 stars. They are hard working, driven, and dedicated to helping their clients. Personally I worked with Jacob Lucas and his optimism and intelligence...

- Faith H.

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